Metal Group



Our Commitment

METAL GROUP is committed to supplying high quality rebar and copper wire with a view to business sustainability. 
Our strategic foundations are supported by the following guidelines:

Providing a safe, healthy environment with a commitment to eliminating hazards and reducing risks.

Protecting the environment, adopting sustainable practices and preventing pollution.

Guaranteeing the quality of rebar and copper wire, promoting business profitability and seeking the satisfaction of our shareholders and our customers, professionals and society.

Ensuring that the Organization is competent to comply with legislation, standards and other applicable requirements, in an impartial and responsible manner.

Promoting the development of people, providing social equality and managing social and environmental practices.

Stimulating a culture of innovation for sustainability, the evolution of the organization and a focus on new trends.

Encouraging continuous improvement of the management system, involving stakeholders.

Access the link and check out the policy.

Review: 00/2024